She Is: The Most Beautiful Angel, The Girl Of Gods Eyes


United States

Tick tock tick tock! Time is going, little shiny smiling
Beautiful skinny, her smile could kill the evil inside you
Oh the most beautiful Angel fell from heaven that was called Alêxandra, Like dark she saw the red line from a place to another, all spells where broken all rituals and satanic forces, all her lifes connected to now one the beautiful shiny angel who is the type of girl that your dying for to be but never will be for her heart is PURE as GOLD ops! Did i just say gold? Thats poorly! Her value and worth is seen in Gods eyes. Jéssica means Gods sees but name wouldnt change a thing. 30 years pass still she is the same princess and shiny queen, more bright than a diamond. Beautiful pale white skin as snow, her friends nearly jealous of her snow white pale white skin. Her dark hair so soft you cant handle the silk, most beautiful shape of the body of a teenager, italian accent full of energy and her nickname before becoming this beautiful shiny angel star JAESSEY was "Red heat" Princess in dresses, raised arround a politician but her soul never changed never loved power or money even in the this dark world everyone wont die before they see: Alexandra Mazzei : Jaessey, The Most Beautiful Angel who always try to see the good in others even after all abuse from prostitutes and criminals that abusived her for the wicked couldnt stand her pure shiny light, her heart NEVER had 1 tear of hate. But even after all suffering over 30 years she smiles like a beautiful angel for SHE IS The Girl Of Gods Eyes Still looking as beautiful insideout for those who know her personally, she is my beautiful dream of a body shaped queen and still the same shiny princess, as beauty as the popular girl everyone was nearly jealous of for 30 years ago in Curitiba but it wasnt a bad jealousy they just wish to have the perfect life she once had before the fall and human trafficking. She never wished fame, as simple and shiny as 1 in a billion you can never find a beautiful person inside out as her. In love deeply with Jaessey , Alexandra mazzei she was only a sweet beauty and hot teen in the 90s.

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