"She Is Alive"


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“She is Alive”

Time changes again and again

The sad sky was about to rain

In an irony what we call Life

In search of happiness and joy

We keep on moving again and again

Leaving all the loved ones behind

But in the end all we are left with

Is the endless sorrow and pain…

We die every moment

To be reborn in the next one

What you see today in hope

To meet the person you knew yesterday

Is long gone in the ashes of time

Now wandering like a ghost

In the reflection of those memories

Is just a shadow fading with time…

I just want to ask you this

Knowing that whatever is born

Is going to die is the truth behind that lie

Then is it still wise to fall in Love?

Knowing one day it is going to make you cry

This is the might of True Love

In whose feet kneels all wisdom

Though hard to find when you are blind

It resides deep in your heart

Where that bright pearl,

Caged in that oyster shell shines…

In this mortal ever ending world

It is this eternal never ending love

That binds the two hearts together

For eternity and beyond

It keeps the every memory

That turns into ghost alive…

That day, her physical form vanished

And I know, one day mine will too

Before that I want you all to know

Her soul is still alive and lies

In that pearl that lights my heart

Until I close my eyes.

By: Shivalik Kalsotra


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