Shared Pain

Her giggles, her smiles, her jokes, all hiding the pain inside her. No one could tell beneath 

the fake expressions, the invisible tears, and the clunky bracelets all hiding the scars and burns 

upon her wrists. All for the boy who never loved her. All for the mother who always judged

her. All for friends who couldn't stand her. All for the people who ignored her. 

In her eyes she was worthless. She was nothing. She was ugly and disformed. She was fat and

stupid. She did not need to live. 

Her eyes welled up with tears I suppose as I found her with the mascara running down her blueish 

cheeks. The blank stare of defeat was plain on her face. The chair knocked away. Back and forth 

her fate seemed to swing never really given a chance. 

I guess she was serious. I guess I should have known. I guess I was just to vain. I thought was good

enough. I thought I could help her myself. I thought I would be the one she would praise, the one who helped 

her through all the hurt she felt inside. 

In my eyes she was beautiful. In my eyes she was perfect and wonderful. In my eyes she was the greatest friend 

I could have had. But alas I have lost her now. She is gone and taken with her all my hope and joy. If only I had not been 

vain and told somebody else. 


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