--with Khansa Khalisha


Share, share the words you wish to say,

silent murmurs of your evening pray

unspoken tears of your pain yesterday.


Share, see me as shoulder that you can lay,

even when the sky appeared to be gray,

even when your life seemed to be wrong in every way.


For the past tears, and your past fears,

i want you to share,

share, and be aware

be aware of greatest things to care.


Share, let me erase the tears of your fray,

let me ease the sorrow that has worsened your day,

let me show you wonders, and if you'd just believe in me,

you will see hundreds.

I'll move the trees, and you'll see dancing mountains,

if you'd just share.


Share, may i wish for you to stay?

I will do my utmost to brighten your day,

and I promise you that we won't be seperated

like the ocean, and the bay.


Tuesday,  4th July 2017.

Bogor, Indonesia.

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