Shadow Man

Tue, 10/17/2017 - 22:35 -- jxxh

You lurk in the dark,

Stalking night,

Creeping by,

Feet quick, Tongue quicker, Once a lover,

Always my demon,


Haunt me like a ghost,

But hold me like a lover,

You are no friend of mine.


Shadow man follows dusk,

Leaves my heart and mine to be swallowed like another pill,

Rip my thoughts out of my side,

Keep me in the arms of the night,


Prescribe me something else,

I don't want to see him anymore,

He takes everything I hold dear,

Steers me away from friends,


He is a foe, 

Silvertongued fox,

With devilish charm he slays me,

A friend to my anxiety,

but not to me.


When the sun comes up you think him gone,

But there he stays thoughtout the day,

One day I'll conquer,

just not today. 


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