Sewn (Society Says)

Society says

You’re not sick; you’re just fine

Society says that you don’t need help

That you don’t know pain

That you’ve never felt

The way it is to have to ask

Am I dying?

Or am I just faking, just crying?

Society says

Stand tall for the people

Who don’t give a shit

Who don’t have the time

To look into it

Society says

You’re not worth the time

You’re not ill enough

And that you’re not worth a dime

Society claims

That you’re not bad enough

Till you knock on that door

And greet death like a friend

They let you greet your end.

Society says

That you’re all alone

Don’t try to reach out

Just get back to your phone

Society says

That it’s all a lie

That nobody cares

If you live or die

Society says

That you will be fine

If you suck it up

Because emotion’s a crime.

Society yells

At the strong ones sometimes

Calling them weak

Because they are too kind

Saying they’re broken

For taking their own path

Society mocks

The ones that care

The ones that try

To beat the damn clock

Society kills

Those with purer hearts

Destroying their spirit

Tearing hope right apart

Society smothers

Those with wiser eyes

The ones who don’t only

Look ahead and deny

And society tries

To teach fear and dread

To keep you from looking

Up too far ahead

Society tells

These lies as the truth

Society cares

Not for anyone

Not for the rich

And absolutely

Not at all for the poor

They don’t care for the ones

Who try to call out

Sewing our mouths shut

So in writing I’ll shout.


Did you really think

That any of them were kind?


Or like society

Are you also blind?

‘Cause I was kind

I tried to find

A meaning in the dark

A bit of hope from the ashes

But the tears in my eyelashes

Hold me


I might


In this place

With no escape

My mouth agape

Waiting for the chance

To be rid of this hell

The demeaning way they tell

Them all that we

We can never belong

We might as well be gone.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



I love this!! Great work. I love the eyelashes part and how you'll drown out this world. Truly awesome. Keep it up!

c.m. keir

Thank you so much!!

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