Severe Compromise


They say "it is better to have loved than to not love at all".
 I say its better to have severed ties than to compromise.
Compromise your joy, your worth.
 To be with a man who constantly demeans it.
fighting for you is a losing battle, cuz your only in it for yourself,
You played me out again, what else is new,
 youve been doing this since i met you,
 you implied that Im the fool and shes the default.
 So it seems she wins over me because I stand up for whats right,
 I call you out on whats wrong and I demand better from you.
but you dont want better to come out of you,
 because honesty, loyalty, trust and care dont fit in your plan to "just have fun".
truth is I dont fit in your strategy to "just live your life"
 there you are taking advantage of life, love and liesure.
 While I check to see if my already shattered heart is still beating.
 My foolish pride wants me to be a fighting fool
. Just to prove Im ridin for you.
But truth be revealed its never been a matter whether or not i was ridin for you
. the annual question has always been cn you be true?
 can you live up to the commitments you so freely lets slip from your lips?
only to later justify your dissapointing slips,
all the love thats been dissed and the positive growing experiences that have been missed.
 What is it that I say I see in you?
Cuz the titanium that seals me to you currently feels like an anchor
 weighing me down. all pain with no true gain.
Coming from this side of the field;
 I say it is better to have severed ties than to compromise


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