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I’m not a toy to be played with, become bored, then discarded. Can’t even say good morning, this mess is retarded. I fail to see love in those brown eyes reflecting back at me.
I think now you're at peace, After deciding whose life to cease; Be it a human being or an animal, How can a man be so irrational?
Hey old friend, I'm glad you're doin fine Thought I'd stop in just to drop a line  Heard you were worried Bout my life Guess you heard people didn't treat me right Hey old friend, did you forget What you did to me, do you regret? Cause though othe
Love This is a word that once had so much meaning But now? It's just another word You use it to entrap someone To control a soul yearning for love Real love Not the kind that you throw around
They say "it is better to have loved than to not love at all". I say its better to have severed ties than to compromise.Compromise your joy, your worth. To be with a man who constantly demeans it.
She was only fourteen or fifteen when she Lost her virginity to a Soul-sucking heathen who she refused NOT to believe in. And, she thought she wasn't worthy, Deserved to be deserted,
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