Seven + Three


We’re on a playscape

Talking about dogs.

We call each other about radio stations.

Play strange games that only children could think of.



We’re reading

A magazine meant for teens.

We talk about your first boyfriend.

Dance to songs we don’t yet understand.



We’re singing

Songs about dreams we’ve had.

We invite others into our circle.

Talking about how some boy likes me.



We’re swimming

In a pool, and you’re in a bikini.

You are told you get to sing, I am subjected to dance.

Funny how times change.



We’re grinning

At our graduation, all dolled up.

We laugh and hug each other.

I didn’t know that this was the beginning of the end.



We type

Words of our presentations together.

You tell me to try out.

Little did I know what that decision meant.



We laugh

Two different laughs, one real, one fake.

I’m apparently too boring for you.




I’m caught

Up in this delusional fantasy that you’ll come back.

I can’t face the facts sometimes.

You never deserved my friendship.



I laugh with her because

She’s different, she’s better, she’s real, she’s raw.

She’s my best friend.

Thank you for leaving me so I could be with her.



It’s been

Three years without you.

I honestly feel amazing.

Who knew how much a person could drag you down.


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