Setting Sun

Sat, 11/03/2012 - 17:00 -- ssang1


United States
28° 30' 30.8988" N, 81° 21' 23.1876" W

Love is like a sunset, the bittersweet moments
of when the sun says goodbye to the world
It’s how the colors of the sky turn with it’s benevolence
Like your heart when that beau caught your eyes dream-world
And as the setting sun falls and all light goes away
It’s the same feeling that you’ve felt once more
That cold, helplessness that you felt on that day
But the beauty of the world is just off that shore
Were the arms of the sun warm wrap around you
As the beau’s golden hair flies free with the breeze
Kissed by the sun are their eyes and figure tips too
But alas there that beau sails far past your trees
And with him their goes the last ray of sun under the sea
That you may ever dear see.


Elizabeth Elia

Wow.. I really like your poem

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