Learning to love yourself is a journey-- mind sways from happiness-- to laying on a gurney-- needing an attorney to defend against the prosecutions of life-- devil sending destruction with little strife-- cuz every milestone you make-- another setback occurs-- good days aren't consistent-- every night, eyes blur-- and deter from the goal-- becoming one with the soul--

But the fights not solo-- those close can help ease the blow-- but know, intentions aren't forever good-- the outside doesn't show what's under the hood-- the venom and ill behind the scene-- can strike fast like a daydream-- so watch the tide as it rolls-- does it still move when your gravity slows?-- is it still rolling when your wind doesn't blow?-- or is it far off where the new waves flow?--

It's the ebb and flow-- the water's not always ya buddy-- recognize that some waves aren't sweet as honey-- stray to a different wave when the tides a little funny-- you're trying to live for the times when the sky is sunny-- grass green-- water clear-- oceans of money-- eating by ya self... cuz like I said the tide is funny-- cut that negativity out-- because the journeys for you-- devised to make you whole-- a life brand new--

The point of the path is-- things get left in the past-- and those that are meant will surely last-- and thrive through the pain-- the tribulations won't break em'-- when tempers flare and pockets slim-- when misunderstanding strikes and situations grim-- it’s all preparing for the signature end-- its ok that they blew up and left on a whim-- hop off and swim-- watch the tide roll smoother--

Watch the body slim and figure-- ya mind doesn't trigger-- skin become clearer-- thoughts start to mirror-- the goals you plan to reach-- the aspirations in your speech-- knowing that negativity doesn't leech-- soul not becoming weak-- but strong in ya self--  self-love top shelf-- realizing that selfishness helped-- when you hopped the wave-- brave enough to say you can't stay-- cuz you'll drown-- stray away from the frown-- let that selfishness abound-- into that happiness you've found--


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