Self Therapy

Gather the pen and paper.


Reminisce for a bit.


Jot down what’s on your mind-


Write down everything you’d like to admit.




Write down all the things that stay in your head


And write all the things that are hard to say aloud.


Write the things that make you sad-


Write all the things that make you proud.




Now focus on the feelings within.


Aren’t they just dancing about?


It feels so amazing to write all this down-


It feels amazing to get everything out.




I never would have known about this type of self therapy-


This way of expressing myself through paper and pen


If it wasn’t for the guest poet


That came to visit my class in English Ten.



“Writing can be an easy way to express how you feel,” he sung.


And he made it oh so clear.


And when I caught on that poetry could aid me through so much,


I could not help but grin from ear to ear.




Now when I’m slipping and feel that there is no other choice,


I start to jot down everything that’s inside.


And when I’m finished with it all,


I have nothing to express but the feeling of true pride. 


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