A Self Portrait


        II  I am............................                                                                                                 Brown, like a beautiful dark mahogany tree or the milk chocolate of a Snicker's Bar. Ashy, like the white puffs of smoke from a dying flame. Soft, like the caress of a warm pillow. Rough, with hands tantamount to strips of sandpaper. Pimpled, but beautiful with each bump adding another pop of personality  Hairy, with a fledging mustache and goatie, 4 years in the making. Super, with a cape trapped within the pupil of my eyes. Uncertain, like the seconds before a man whispers "I do". Sensitive, hesistant to speak, breaking the sweet silence. Mysterious, hidden behind the veil of a sweet smile and clever eyes. Heavy, weighed to the ground from dreams turned to fears. Cuddly, like a teddy bear with a box of chocolates lying on my valentine's bed. Sweet, with a smile full of high fructose corn syrup and charm like a bowl full of a leprechaun's coveted sweets. Chaotic ,with organizational skills as delicate as a tornado. Awkward, like an unjoined laugh in a room full of people. Rebellious, like the boy who chooses to step on the crack, regardless of his mother's back-health. Methodical, carefully contemplating even mundane decisions. Exposed, like the shocked expression of a introvert giving a speech to a crowd of 2,000 rather than 2. Trusting, with eyes that peer too deeply and love too quickly. Shy, like the quiet masked man that eternally alludes the Italian plumber. Open, with a heart like the swiveling entrance to a building, forever accepting another guest. Adventurous, like the bow-tied mad man that travels through the stars.                                                                                                                                                                       I dare you to take a gander of me, a nice long look, and see the beauty trapped in my imperfections, beauty that the filter of a camera is so determined to strip away  .                                

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