I grew up not knowing much, I only learned about God and such.


See I felt above because I only knew of God’s touch.


I didn’t know about depression, anxiety, drugs, these things that I saw as odd.


These things that were a battle in the mind, I was never kind to these people because I defined them as weird and as the lowly.


These things that I saw as unholy, one day hit me with the same battle.


I found myself spiraling down, further and further.


The people that I felt above, the ones that I defined as low, I became one of them.


The stem of this problem is I felt above those that Jesus came to save.


I became a slave to what I thought I was above, and I dug my own grave.


What I thought was above me had me wrapped in chains, I now felt their pains.


Trapped by my own mind, wrapped in self-hatred, not knowing when it would end.


The point of this was to get me to ascend, and to befriend those I showed no grace.


God showed me I need to extend the same love that he had shown me.


He shoved my sense of pride aside; threw away what I had known, to remind me that he is on the throne.


For it’s not I who sits on the throne, I was the same as those who felt alone.


Now I never make the mistake to judge or feel above but spread love.


Who am I to judge? I was never at the top, and now I’m grown up.


Since I was too conceited, God showed me this mindset should never be repeated, because even I can feel defeated.


Now I never make the mistake to act as a judge, but use my voice to spread love.


I show others the same grace and mercy that He showed me.


I give God all the glory who instead of letting me die like a weed, planted a seed.


That seed sown inside helped me proceed, and indeed, I grew into a tree.



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