See You Later..

See you later, see you later-

Where did the time go?

I've looked and I've looked-

But where did you go?


If I looked under the couch

Or even the stairs

Maybe then I could find the time there

Where did you go?


My childhood behind me

Oh how much I have grown

From a tiny little baby to a full grown adult

Oh where, oh where did the time go?


From playing at the park without a care in the world

To going to school and making new friends

Learning about this facinating world

Oh where, oh where did the time go?


It is now within a year or so that I will stand on that stage

I will turn around and say goodbye to the world that I know

I'll say goodbye to my childhood as I crossover into the adult world

My childhood shall whisper "oh where, oh where did the time go?"


I will shake hands will my younger self and look her in the eye

"Life isn't easy but boy you better try"

"Just know this isn't easy and surely I will cry"

"But just so you know this isn't goodbye"


"Just simply a see you later"




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