See, Smell, Feel, and Hear

It’s raining outside,

Let’s have some fun.

Won’t you jump in the puddles with me, Mama.

Please get off the computer,

You’ve been on all day.

Won’t you come with me and play?


Papa, we’re camping,

It’s no time for ear buds.

We can hike in the meadows

And listen to the birds.

It will be real fun.

The birds won’t be hear long,

They may fly away.

Your IPod will always be here to stay.


It’s snowing outside.

Brother, turn off the TV.

Won’t  you make snow angels with me?

You can record your TV show,

You know that right?

Hurry! We have only a few hours until its night.


Come on sister,

Stop staring at that screen.

Won’t you splash in the waves with me?

Or maybe we can go hunting for crabs!

Turning off that screen can’t be all that bad.


Hello grandma.

You’re the only one I have left.

Even though your beneath the dirt

And inside a large chest.

At least with you I have nothing to fear

Technology will not consume us,

As we see, smell, feel, and hear.



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