The Second Round Virgin


United States

Dear my next lover,

Hello. It is nice to meet you.

I'm a virgin. I’m looking for the right person.

Please, be gentle and kind. You have the be the right person.

What will my body do, now having sex for the first time again?

After years of experience knowing what it likes and how it reacts.

Would I even enjoy it again?

Can sex ever be something good again?

Is it even fair to you?

Expecting so much

Taking my virginity again.

I'm afraid I'll scream and push you away.

How do I even start?

Well, yes I want to do this.

It seems so important for my life to move on.

To see sex as a way to be powerful.

Just be patient and kind.

I want this to stop being part of who I am.

I don't want to be a rape survivor.

I don't want my identity to be this.


The second round virgin


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