Seasons of Change: The Apple Tree

Sun, 09/22/2013 - 22:03 -- Ziyande

Friendship is an apple tree –

In spring it sprouts its tender, green shoots

With a gardener’s soft, whispering touch

In summer it flourishes:

Strong, brown branches clothed in a silk green garment

It takes a few years of careful tending to mature

But one autumn when the pink apple blossoms fade to white and fall

They’ll be replaced with ripe, red fruit

After apple picking when all the children come to play

Relieving the tree of its sweet burdens

Its leaves will fall in crimson swirls

At every slight breath of wind

Unfortunately, there are the winters –

Dark times riddled with storms of trouble

Yet the sun brings the hope of spring

And the frost covered tree will slowly shake itself free

Of winter’s ice cold grip

Begin anew again


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