How much time have I wasted throughout the course of my life?

It’s as if every meaningless action carves away at my will with a knife.


Chip, goes the two hours I spent on my phone.

Chip, goes the years when I wandered alone,

Convinced that my purpose right here on this earth

Had been irrelevant, useless, undecided since birth.


All of these moments chipped away at my heart.

They promised me failure; forbade me to start.

These voices of my own creation fed me constant lies,

Wearing and tearing away at the rise


Of ambition that I would occasionally feel

When I let motivation in and tried to repeal

Every doubt, every fear that planted me here,

One step away from my destiny.


And yes, I know they were negative influences,

And I know that they typically hurt,

But I'm thankful, because once I flearned to silence those voices,

I realized my worth.


Because although I have wasted precious time once before,

Those missed opportunities now push me to strive for more.

And although I have wandered for days upon days,

I know I have a path now, and I won’t be afraid.


Because all of the self-doubt, disorder, and dismay,

Have ultimately shaped me into the girl I am today.

So don’t be afraid of confusion or change,

Because you’re not being broken, you’re being rearranged.


Every issue or mistake that has brought you to your knees

Is carving you, chiseling you into a masterpiece.


Don’t give up on yourself before you get to see it.

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