Sun, 11/30/2014 - 16:16 -- rasen58



Is a strange thing

We think we're in a free world

Free birds in free air

But really,

We're always bound.


Gravity's got us down

Friction won't let us move

And magnetism has us tight


But what if they'd all go away

What if we were truly free

Our bodies, our minds, our every particle

Free of all that we suffer

What if….


Remove the gravity and we can fly,

Space moving around us, no one can catch us now


Remove the friction and we can't stop

Can't even touch me now


Remove the magnetism and all the bonds are gone

Our bodies scatter, our minds wander, freedom reigns


But what happens if you remove the curtains that hide me?

I'd shrink in fear

Break all the laws of physics

And hide my naked body


But why? Shouldn't I be free like everyone else?

Why can't I


It's because they judge me and they hate me

They'll see those thoughts of hate and pain

Cut myself, kill your parents, die


So, I simply put on a mask and hide

But if physics were to be reversed,

Maybe the pain would go away

I'd see the pain that others feel

And maybe

Just maybe

I might understand that

The world is big and huge

Pain is far and deep

But physics is everywhere

It’s a connection we all share

I am not alone







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