Scholarship poem-BELONG JA

Sat, 05/27/2017 - 12:26 -- kiaXL

Crattled little baby

Not enough to change diapers

The list goes on, luckily it was hyper

Eagerly to jump to oppurtunities were their was none

elevated from the oppresion that it have won 

Emancipated 50 something years ago

Thats what they see 

Nevertheless it made it known that they had a decree

A motto

"Out of many one people"

We likkle but we talawah

That millipee walapaa

There was a dream that everybody reached out for

It did the same 

But they closed the doors

Made the baby walked back home told it to finish its chores

Now its sore, tored up

Transgressions made upon it caused them to go a floor up

Oh nevermind I meant down

The other theys look upon it with a fake frown

They only know it from the tracks

The Lightning that went toe to toe with the Gun

Counting the Lightning's gold medals that shine like the sun

Nevertheless it stood upon itself

Happy endings craddling itself to bed

Its a Fairy tale in its own head

Until they shot it dead

Thats not go happen





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My country
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