Scars from a Player


United States
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My heart skips a beat
Feelings start to flow
I stop myself from falling
I'm scared to let them grow

Time heals all wounds
But what about trust?
I bet he's not after love
All they ever want is lust

Who knows if he's different
What if he's not like the rest?
But they all act the same
And pretend to be the best

It's hard to see who's real
When a lot of them deceive
I don't feel like guessing
My feelings start to leave

Maybe if it was sooner
You could've stole my heart
But for now I'm not ready
I don't know where to start

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Your really good, I felt every word you wrote.


Thank you so much I appreciate it :) this was one of my shorter ones I wrote up real quick

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you are a person that deserves better

keep speaking from the heart and let it all go so you can be free

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