Sat, 01/03/2015 - 04:40 -- DobienC

We all want to be special in some way in the world,

but what holds us back?

Is it the failures, mistakes, or misfortunes of our past?

It's the scars that pose as the three.

Scars never leave, they only remind us of the pain.

Our memoris of joy, love, and happieness are never remembered.

Its all fogged up by our everlasting scars.

We start to hate our selves and suffer more pain.

But these scars shouldn't hold us back, these scars define who we are.

After enduring the pain of the scars, we become stronger.

We are able to remember that we survived through the pain.

With so much strength, we can move farther than ever before.

We can finally grow to become what we've always wanted to be.

Someone who impacts the world, achieves greatness, or even puts a smile on anothers face.

We can finally become someone special.

Creating scars is you being you.

Healing from the pain and growing is special.

Creating scars is special.

You are special.

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