Not all scars are visible. 

Not everyone knows

that words can scar you too.

They don't know how much it hurts 

when I hear their whispers

when I see their glares

when I hold it in.

Perhaps they do. 

They just don't care.

Maybe they really should. 

Their words

their laughter

their gossip

caused me to drift away from the ones I love.

The world is pushed

to the back of my mind

as I fall into my fantasy.

Yet no matter how much I run

those scars are always there. 

The fantasy is not real.

It never was.

Reality scares me

it always hurts me

yet I cannot run. 

I cannot escape.


Yet the scars

are not open wounds.

They may not heal

but they don't hurt as much anymore.

The scars won't make me

run anymore

I will stand my ground

I will fight the pain.

I will not believe their words

their lies

their whispers

Although I still kinda do.

I will not let them 

hurt me anymore.

These scars do not make me weak

they do not hold me back.

In fact

maybe they made me stronger.

All I know

is that these scars

still hurt sometimes

but I won't

I will never again





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This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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