by Ariel Douglas (10 November 2014)


Your body is broken and bleeding

Self-inflicted, these beatings

Your sin is leaking red from your flesh

The blood drops down, the stains are fresh

The look of it fascinates you

A stinging distraction from what you want to do

It traces down your skin like a teardrop

All you ever wanted was for pain to stop

This doesn't work, it only increases the pain

Salty tears fall on open wounds like acid rain

I've felt this thing you're feeling

I've seen this thing you're seeing...

I know the thoughts racing in your head,

I've stumbled through the desert jungle you now tread

I know you think this is the only way for you

Embrace these scars taken to protect you from the wrath you're due...

He didn't have to die and He doesn't have to love

But He broke Himself for you and came down from above

He has scars enough for all and has shed enough blood

And His forgiveness is a never-ending flood


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Hey, guys! This poem is on YouTube! To find it put this in the search "30 Days of Poetry - Day 5: Scars by Ariel Douglas". I'd love if you could give it a listen. Each poem is prefaced with an explanation of the poem and its origins. Thank you much!

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