Say These Words


May 18, 2014

Say These Words


I feel so giddy and child-like,

With our fingers entwined.

Distance kept my eyes from you,

But now I can see every freckle and gleam in your eye.

Breathing in the same smoke;

Dying slowly…

But slowly,



My heart races when our lips meet,

And my breath catches with every side-ways glance.

I’ve waited for you to be close to my being,

And now that you’re here,

My mind and logic cannot comprehend the fluttering in my chest.


The pedals died,

And the blooms faded.

I devoured all the savory sweets,

And the bears’ fur disintegrated.

The card was lost,

Along with the words inscribed.


But your smile held still.

How your brown locks fell across you shoulders.

The ocean still shimmers in your eyes,

And your lips move seamlessly with mine.

Your laugh echoes in my mind,

As I drive away.

And the days pass like the appendage of a clock;

Count down until I can see you again.


I saw your smile.

I ran my fingers through your hair.

I looked into your eyes.

I kissed your lips.

I heard you giggle.



Will I call you mine?

Will you call me yours?

Maybe we might udder these words?





I wrote this poem about a girl that I finally was able to meet in person, after months of communication. This was after the second time we saw each other.

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