Say Nothing

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 18:42 -- Seraph

Say nothing,

Do not protest, let the bigotry cause no unrest.

People laugh off the the pain, like the insults some sort of jest.


Say nothing,

Speak of no evil, after all, they are not people, they are all illegal.

our poisoned thoughts will one day be lethal, though our hatred somehow is quite legal.


Say nothing,

But I am tired of saying nothing, I am weary of bowing to fake kings.

I refuse to sit in silence as others rule over us all and make us kiss tyrants’ rings.


Say nothing,

I am sick of hatred, of those who would desecrate things so sacred.

I am devastated by the people, my people sedated, their protests wasted on unmotivated greatness.


Say something,

Speak up for what you know is right, Speak up because you need to fight.

Speak up and make them see the light.


Say something,

Stand up for what we came here for, equality, no matter if you are rich or poor.

Stand up, make those in denial aware, speak truth to power, and let morals prevail.


Say something,

Protest, let the bigotry cause all unrest.

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My country
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