Say it to my face

When I see you I smile

I realize how happy I am inside

To have you as a friend

You were always so kind until the end

Smiling, laughing and having fun

We always did throughout the run

But how come I heard that

You were talking about me behind my back

Saying things you never said

About me to others you expressed

A person told me your smile was fake

She said everything that you explained

Situations I didn’t know you hate

And my personality that you so much negate

I didn’t want to believe but somehow I did

I couldn’t confront you because I was scared

I was able to hide my disappointment inside

Praying that it is all lies

But through time it was proven

And soon I despised your smile as an illusion

You had me tricked every time with it

It disgusts me and now I have said it

But you also started to spread lies

About me to end all my ties

But I won’t let you deprive me of my life



I will prove all your lies wrong twice

So in the end you will stand alone

And I hope that for your sins you atone

But remember I didn’t want it to be this way

It’s your fault you will be in dismay

I always considered you a friend

But you I don’t blame I blame myself

For getting deceived

For being naïve

I feel like a certain fool

But I assure you it won’t happen no more





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