Fri, 09/13/2013 - 00:57 -- mnissan

I have to re learn

to write

because my words got knocked out of my mouth

my teeth

they no longer speak

They harbor mice

and those mice 

carry my teeth in their bellies

Before I closed my eyes

there were bats

when I opened them

there were birds

the buildings moved without my acknowledgment

the air became thicker

I swam in the confusion

swam in the clouds

that looked like kissing people

I promised you a garden of flowers

I gave you salty eyelashes

too heavy to lift

I heard beautiful songs from your hospital window

eroding my vision

of every one of your breaths

that were so hard to take

I sat in your garden

kissing the flowers

shaking hands with the memories

sleeping on the floor

expecting you to come out of your room

He was ungrateful

but you forgave him

He became a child

and you mothered him

I’ll collect dandelions

and think of him

Like you told me to

I took your white lace gloves

They took everything else

I wish I could grasp your dress

and put it in my pocket

I wish I could live in that pocket

and remember the opera music

watching Porgy and Bess

eating ice cream 

three times in one day

I remember thinking 

that was the best day of my life

Now it’s the worst

because when I eat ice cream

I remember you


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