Save Me

The doctors hush me, 

My mother comforts me.

I am born today,

I feel happy.


The teachers reprimand me,

My mother supports me.

My first day of school,

I feel lonely.


My father smiles at me,

My mother adorns me.

My very first date,

I feel jumpy.


My boyfriend hugs me,

My mother photographs me.

Senior prom night,

I feel lucky.


My husband cries for me,

My mother dances with me.

My wedding day,

I feel lovely.


My doctors calm me,

My baby screams with me.

My daughter’s birthday.

I feel…




These days did not happen.

I have not had memories to imagine.

To end my life here,

Is to end the memories then. 


Please, save me,

I am just a baby.

I am not a tumor.

I am just a baby.


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