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Despite some of the formalities of the Catholic mass at St Michaels, my experience did not feel in vain. Some were disappointed that they could not hear what the priest was saying during his homily on the prodigal son, that his mic was not working. I did not think that his homily for that day was well prepared, I preferred the readings from the bible much more. It was a story out of Exodus, of how Moses intervened for Gods people when God was displeased with their behavior, and how Moses reminded God during his period of anger also of the love he had had for his children, which Moses thought he had forgotten about.
This is a very human experience of God, which made this reading from The Bible very meaningful during my time in church. God being angry to showing he is loving again.
I sometimes am not at peace with the complexities of my emotions and expressing them, but when hearing of God like this, it does paint a more balanced portrait of his nature.
That evening on my bed, I closed my eyes in the after experience of Saturdays vigil. An image of my Dad surfaced and then the thought with it that if my Dad has loved me so much and been so generous in his expression of it toward me, then I shouldn't see why God would be any different in his expression of love.

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