Satan's Hell

Satan's Hell

When in time he will be no more
weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth
darkened dungeon with no oxygen
left helpless alone taunt to the flame
with intense pain the magic of his passion is gone

Evil minds that plug destruction plunge in it's flame
the thought of a drop of water to quench your thirst
eyes filled with tombstones
Demonic beings inflict their madness on you
the river Styx runs through it's flame
darkened dungeons with no escape
every lies that you told is exposed for eternity
plunge in the hot fires of Hell's plight
forget the day there is no light
no more salvation your time has elapsed
left to rot in the torment of blackened death
eyes swollen as they beam in the flames
to be kept in Abraham's bosom is an after effect
Jesus was the answer but you refused his light
suffer in the dark anguish of everlasting chains

Satan laughing spreads his wings
eyes with spots zombie people in immense turmoil
to boil there severed heads in dread
they lived among us yet were not of us
Hell is there home not getting out
as you gasp for air yet to no avail
the walking dead in their caged fury
those that thought they were perfect were wrong
time no more

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