Tell me what tomorrow will bring

Solar wind or heavenly fire

Tell me when I wake you will be here

Wrap me in your arms

Those frostbitten demons

Tell me I am happy and you are the reason why

Tell me I am broken

Let me rip myself to shreds when I realize I am


Tell me the planets orbit around stars

Because they are lonely

Tell me you are the sun and I am your Earth

Just the right distance to feel the heat and not burn

Who is your Mercury?

Your first?

I long to be your messenger

For you tell me you are my god

But I do not believe I belong in your cosmos

For you never gave me life


Tell me lies: tell me you love me

Tell me I will make it out alive even when

You know I won’t, pouring hot plasma on my skin

Tell me this as you fold me in two, creasing

My arms and legs and letting my organs collapse

Tell me the truth: this wasn’t my fault

Everyone knew one day you would consume me


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