Sanity with Humanity

Sanity with Humanity


My smiles remained fake,

the weight of society hard to take.

I went downward because of a coward.

The images in my head,

never to be said again.

Along with life’s bumps,

soon became high jumps.

My friendship with sadness,

would soon turn to madness.

Not all friendships would last,

you see the three month rule would pass.

Some that were made stayed,

and I knew it would send me to my grave.

My fears were nothing but demon cheers.

The blades became my reality,

along with lines of such fatality.

I tried to find sanity,

by subtracting myself out of humanity.

But you see God made humanity,

ever so meticulously.

All along God had a plan,

with our tears in his careful hands.

The woman who carried me,

only sought to get high hopefully.

She had long lost her sanity,

with foolish vanity.

Her shame would forever run through my veins.

But God didn’t play that heinous game.

White was the pure color he put to my name.

Way before I was born,

He knew my life would be tattered and torn.

That’s why to the brow he took a thorn,

along with peoples hate and scorn.

God turned me completely around,

and really did set me on solid ground.

Sure his love made me pure,

but over and over again I played red rover with sin.

Flirting with the devil,

because my heart wasn’t level.

But once again, God did take my sin.

He picked me up again and again,

while I waited for my life to begin,

on his face he kept a grin.

He knew what would become of it all,

with each and every fall.

He heard every call.

God is the reason I am the way I am.



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