The Same Fairy Tale

A blonde beauty 
Trapped by fear
Feathers floating farther 
Falling from wings
This beauty can no longer fly
A blonde beauty 
Succumbs to love 
Leaving lies left to die
Right and wrong on the side
As the prince finally arrives
Shes to far inside 
Her mind is the place 
Shes found the divine 
In her own palace
Out of touch 
This reality must 
Find a way to awake
This beauty from her lust 
Love of herself 
As she cant accept the physical 
Only the whimsical in this twisted
Fairy Tale
Fairly pale 
As this blonde beauty 
Sits inside of a whale 
Now a religious choosing 
For fairy tales and religion 
Share a common mission 
Spreading a goal of love 
No more division 
But inside her mind
The palace divine 
The palace is mine 
Shes been in my heart this whole time 
Shes been in the dark 
Not in her mind 
So now she awakes 
And she is all mine 
No evil sisters, nor a twisted frog to kiss 
Or blisters coming from 
The shoes of a prinecess 
We reminise on the lives of our past 
To find our eyes together and matched 
Together at last 
This blonde beauty 
At last

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