Salut à toi (Hello to you)

Sun, 11/16/2014 - 12:36 -- Emily H

I turn on the news

and all I see is ISIS this

murder that immigration this

war that bipartisan shit this.

Non stop violence like the 

never ending expanding universe.

Each generation leaves a bigger pile of shit

for us to step in and tells us to clean up the mess

which they have made and gives us the blame.

We put our earphones in,

so we don’t have to listen to reality.

I ask myself how big will this bubble get 

until all the bullshit explodes and hits everyone?

We feed ourselves medicine 

thinking it will work,

but it only makes us sicker.

We have a constant fight over

who has the bigger dick.

To be honest, does that really matter?

We want to continue walking forward

however others are just sitting on their asses

because they’re too stubborn to listen. 

I’m sick of all this violence and ignorance. 

I’m sick of turning on the news and hearing all this bullshit.

In the end, all I wanna say is

Salut à toi!


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