Salganse de la cocina


Welcome to Chicanos- r-us

We service all of your needs

Will school principals go to isle 12?

We still have a few janitors here

Desperate for a job

Yes, they are Mexican

Ready for their graveyard shift

And forget about minimum wage

They are fresh off the border

Give them taco bell

They are not expecting any pay

Little girls we just got our new life sized toys

The hottest couple south of the of the border

Maria and Jose

They come with a son

A little baby named Juan

And you even get your very own shack

Fully stocked with rice, beans,

Coffee, booze, and burritos

Directors have we the cast for you

The streetwalkers are in isle 9

Extras that can tango in isle 10

The big, loud women with hot tempers

They are in isle 11

But be careful

They do bite

Writing a love story?

We have the most dramatic ones

Sitting in isle 12

The sexy poor girls that can sing

Are in isle 13

We even have a special sale on Shakira and Selena

Get ‘um while they’re young

For you housewives that need ‘um

A little more illiterate

And a lot less young

Our Latina maids are in isle 2

And yes

Their children are optional


We have your landscapers

Isle 6

Prepared to use their brown thumbs

Cheap labor already set to steal

The white man’s job

They’ll ride up in their pickup trucks

The carpool holds 28

Want it even cheaper

Some don’t even need gas money

They come with their own donkeys

Boys lookin’ for a body guard

You came to the right place

Short and fat with tons of tattoos

They have the guns

That they bought with

The money from their drug cartels

And if you buy in bulk

You can get an entire gang

With 3 members free

Parents we have not forgotten about you

They’re breeding like cockroaches

We have thousands of kids

So Brad and Angelina

Please stroll by isle 5 for pick up

Remember no matter what they say

The information we have given you is correct

Of course, they’re all Mexican

There is no such thing

As Ecuadorian, Dominican, or Puerto Rican

They just are uneducated

And have a picture of police cruiser ready

Just in case they think they deserve a break

For all the Hispanic americans in the crowd

You should know that we

Want to keep our company

Not be dragged into a costly lawsuit

So if you were wondering

When we are going to get to you

We aren’t

Sí, sí. Hoy por mí, mañana por ti

Pero hoy no es tu día

Y los que no soportan

El calentón sálganse de la cocina

Welcome to Chicanos- r-us

We service all of your needs

And when you run out

Of money for tacos

And dolls,

When 2 dollars

A day is getting

To be too much

We will be there

You will be surprised

By how much we

Learn from

Living amongst you

And caring for your children

And when the day comes

That you address your president

As Mr. Gonzalez

And the Puerto Rican,

Cuban, and Dominican

Flags have been added

To the White house lawn

We will stand up and say,

“Ha-ha Brutos!”

Welcome to Chicanos- r-us

We service all of your needs


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thnak you for sharing your poem about the importance of latin people and its existence

its vital that racism and stereotypes ends

keep writing

great reflection

Genesis Rivera

Thank you so much!

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