He's there

He's always there, in the recess of my mind.

A thought, a memory, a fleating emotion.

He never goes anywhere, just sits there in an empty cavern of my mind.

I wish he would go away, leave me in peace on my own,

but he never does.

He's there.

Laughing at my mistakes, 

pointing out my flaws, 

and clawing at my insides until i want to scream.

I can never do anything for fear of him attacking my sanity, 

of making me feel insuperior.

He's there.

Making me fear my actions and those around me.

What can I do? Nothing.

I can not stop him.

I can not tell other's of him.

I am helpless when it comes to him, 

because he is always there.

He's there. 

Humiliating me infront of others.

Causing my fear and panic.

Making me afraid to even leave my house some days.

He secludes me from others, 

keeps me for himself even though I want to get away.

He's there.

He is a part of me, 

a part that I can not kill off or lose.

He is that voice in the back of my head, 

telling me I am wrong and that I can not do what I want to.

He's there.

He's there and he is real, no matter what others say.

He is S.A.D. and he is there.



This is a poem depicting my Social Anxiety. Social Anxiety is a real disease, despite what some may say, and it should be taken seriously. 

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