Sacrifice, Persistense, and forgiveness

Maturity, persistance, and forgiveness, have played major roles,

of conquering the challenges of life, soo the story unfolds.

A junior in high school trying to find my way,

Discovering my passion when this man says,

“Whatever it is that you wanna do,

don’t make it about the money,

Cause once you’ve made that,

you’ll be bitter honey.

Prepare yourself for the world,

it may look kind of funny,

But don’t you stress,

you are the best,

God’s got something coming.”

I realized that creativity is what expands the mind,

Therefore, I knew this was something I needed to find,

Coaching and teaching are the likely fit,

It strengthened my focus and gave me ground on which I now sit.

The goal is to inspire all lives until I’m no longer here

Being an inspiration involves discipline, movitation, and living life without fear.



My aunt has had cancer for twenty-one years,

And recently she was put on hospice with six months to live.

She has motive to get better and back on her feet,

She believes in her heart cancer can be beat.

she has taught me the definition of hope and determination,

From her journey I have motivation

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me,”

My thoughts on life have changed tremendously.



My friend got pregnant in high school and made a difficult decision,

Pro life or pro choice the images in her mind, what a humbling vision.  

I dont know how she was feeling at the time,

Maybe confused, scared, and surprised

I won’t forget the day she felt the baby’s heart,

With decisions to make, could she play the part?

She was a student-athlete which made the situation harder,

And at the end of the day she knew she’d have to tell her father.

She went through a rough ordeal, which helped us both mature,

From her mistakes I learned a lesson that, I know for sure.



I cast my ballet into the election last year,

the first time I got to vote,

The candidates ran a divicive campaign,

not a healthy way to end on a good note.

Our country is experiencing such hurt, pain, and fear,

But our hope for change is always near.

We now know that racism is alive and well,

With our nation ever growing,

Only time can tell.

This world needs to come together for our future generations,

With leaders working side by side carring on a hope-filled conversation.



Madison Averhart


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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