How much sacrifice do you actually believe in?

How much pain are you willing to dwell in?

How much effort are you willing to put in?

How many people will you kill?

How much blood will you spill?

How many dreams will you fulfill?

To others it’s pointless

To others you’re a mess

To more you’re just the living version of death

They’re wrong!

You’re strong!

The pain has gone on too long!

I won’t let you fall

I want you to live that’s all

I’m willing to die; I’ll be the one answering to roll call

How much sacrifice do you actually believe in?

Enough to let life go





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This is really good! Curious, is it by any chance about Dean and Castiel?

Maddie Faye

Thank you! However, it's not about Dean and Castiel, unfortunately. It's about Tia Halibel from Bleach and the sacrifices she makes for her comrades.


Ah, ok: I can see it now! Either way it works, and your writing is wonderful~ Keep up the great work!

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