6 Tips for Writing FanFiction Poetry


We’ve all been there. You walk out of a movie, finish a book, or turn off the TV and exclaim: “that was awful, I DEFINITELY could’ve done it better.” Whether you think that “the ending was terrible” or “why on earth did THEY end up together,” we all know the feeling. It’s just no fun to see your favorite characters suffer from a bad story line. But that’s why we have Fan Fiction — so you can change up your favorite stories and make them turn out how YOU want them to. It’s your fantasy, after all. Take a look at some fanfiction poetry written by our Power Poets!

  1. What is FanFiction? A writer creates FanFiction when they write a narrative based on characters that already exist from television, books, movies, or even YouTube. When writing FanFiction, you can change anything you’d like about the characters including (1) the adventures they go on, (2) who they meet along the way, and, (3) who lives--and doesn’t make it. Most FanFiction is written in short-story form, but you can switch it up and write FanFiction poetry too!
  2. How do I start? To get your story going, first think of your favorite book, movie, or show. Then, make a list of the scenes, conversations, and/or characters that just make you cringe (Harry Potter’s epilogue, anyone?). These will be the things you get to change around in your version of the stories. To balance that out, think of your favorites too and combining both will create the foundation for your FanFiction poem.
  3. Tone and Clarity. The setting and characters you choose will affect the tone of your FanFiction poem. If you decide that instead of saving the world the Avengers were turned into zombies, the first thing they’re going to do probably wouldn’t be to try and become the next One Direction. You can make a funny or serious FanFiction, but make sure that the events, as strange as they might be, still make sense enough that the reader can follow your story and that you carry the same tone throughout.  
  4. Cross-over. What would happen if Bilbo found a secret portal to Narnia? Or the Pretty Little Liars were forced to join Katniss in the Hunger Games—and the venue was the TARDIS? Think about the craziness that would occur if your favorite stories were to cross over into one another. You can even add in your favorite actors and actresses or mix in your favorite animated shows and movies (James Franco, how did you end up in a pineapple under the sea?!) Think about the personalities of the characters involved--how would they meet and which ones would get along? How would the two worlds colliding affect the journeys the characters take?
  5. Change the Ending. Did Bella really make the right decision when she chose Edward? What if no one found Nemo? With FanFiction, you don’t have to change the whole story, because you can pick up a story from a certain point and just rewrite the ending. Use your imagination and get other fans of the story to think about the possibilities of what the characters are capable of. You can also use your poem to summarize a story but subtly change a few details along the way so that a side-plot is changed instead of the whole thing.  
  6. Power Poetry. Share your FanFiction poem on PowerPoetry.org. We want to know where your favorite characters will end up!


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