Rot in Hell

Tue, 05/07/2013 - 13:23 -- lsmiley

I can never love you
Because you hurt me
One too many times
But I will always love you
Because at one time
You were mine
And I was yours,
Or so I thought
You never told me
How much you hate me
Because it was implied
You never told me
I was going to die
A slow painful death
But here I am
Unable to understand
How you could do
Those things you did
You threw me around
Like a rag doll
Broke my bones
And shattered my heart
You were not the man
I thought I loved
You were a criminal,
A bastard,
A murderer
Not a day goes by
Without me thinking
About all the ways
I wish you would die
Because you deserve
Nothing more than
An everlasting life in Hell


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