Roses are not red, they’re internal colors that blend together,

it is our naked eye that misguides us.

Something so natural, untouched yet so beautiful and breathtaking.

Who would have thought this could be the center of attention?

What about the stem of the rose? Isn’t that the strongest part of it?

The part that holds it all together, stands up for the most beautiful thing it cherishes.

The toughest part of the flower, holds the softest part of the flower.

Close your eyes and gently feel, the soft rose petals against you,

so smooth, admirable, and the pleasant aroma.

For the way it holds the flower up, without it the flower separates into pieces,

the stem not only keeps everything together but keeps itself together.

To be cut down and shown to the world, hiding the flaws of such a rose,

a part that is not seen or thought to be also beautiful.

Another part of the stem is the thorns that protect the rose from predators,

stripped away the stem defense is down but still so strong.

The rose petals come in various colors and types, making it richer in choices to come in,

no matter what sense you use a rose is overall…. beautiful.

The length and depth makes it ever so much perfect to show off and never want to hide it,

nothing destroys the image and feel of a pure rose.

A particular part of a flower, is as imperfect as anything you may pursue, but it still holds together no matter what and when apart creates another form of art.


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