Rose Above The Flames

for I rose above the flame out holding my own in the rap game
spreading my dreams to take flight further upon the inner city
dropping beats with my magic wand can't we all get along was the song
I used to be a memory within the next century nothing phony just keeping it clean
bust a move you show improve you have to be in a very good mood
nothing is sweating in blown up perfection leaves you secong guessing
got pioneers bars drinking chapagne and licking the caviar in charge
got to get ready as i'm driving in my Chevy feeling nothing heavy
folks got there own thing feeling the swing ain't nothing mean a damn thing
rap isn't for losers the wanna be chosers with the Bruce Jenner juicers
its a falacy to take things from me although some folks may disagree
getting caught up in the melody too late to be a felony arm me with harmony
got bars that cook got rhymes that flow bust up the beat to increase its tempo
telling you which way you should go to get the good blow why don't you know

such as Felix and Oscar was there anyoe hotter the pair deserved each other
so why do you even bother my brother Stevie Wonder when he's going under
no one is perfect so get off your high hat don't even know how to react
preachers need to start off as teachers so they can stay close to the meter
when the ball drop at times square do you even know in what to wear
the radio was playing my favorite song so can't we all get along
there needs to be great unity stored up inside of you & me
not some fantasy that turns into reality its not the real thing queen
we need to stand strong holding our own with are hand on the phone
voices, choices and promises

walk with me talk with me in my reality
words can't express what i must confess as much of life is but a mess caught up in a twist
sorry that I missed my chance to tell you the truth as I was tied up in knots
when there's a dozen of pots in my sink
can't even wink to dismiss this earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought
some times its hard you see to make a bit of sense of what's inside of me
what is one willing to achieve while their coming apart at the seams
there is a lay a way when folks make my day giving me time to pray
outdoor parties with cheers drinking lots of beers with many tears
makes you think a lot when your boggying down to your socks
need to stand firm as one soul soars the other will soon burn
best you wait your turn cause life is full of lies it will take you by surprise

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