Rosa Parks - Voices of Freedom

Last night I had that dream again... 

The one where I am running so fast.  

But this dream is different, 

Not like my dreams in the past 

I am not running for the bus,  

So what, might you ask, is all the fuss? 

I’m running so I won’t be late 

To work so I can be sure to make 

The money my family depends on each week. 

I don’t get paid a lot; the money is bleak. 

You see, recently there was a very fine lady; 

Her name is Ms. Rosa, she used to ride the bus daily. 

Until a day came when she refused to move seats 

To move to the back of the bus for a deadbeat. 

Why did Ms. Rosa refuse to give in? 

They wanted her to move because she didn’t have white skin. 

She broke no rules, she was in the right section... 

The one for “colored” people, because of her complexion. 

But the bus was quite full, and a white man wanted her seat, 

So he told her to move and she refused to retreat. 

She stood her ground, but to no avail.  

They called the police, and took her to jail.  

Our people are tired of being mistreated; 

Of being second class citizens and always feeling defeated. 

There is no difference between black and white, 

Except the color of our skin, which shouldn’t be a fight. 

Yet every day since as long as I’ve known 

We as black people have had to atone 

For this birthright that white people think they possess; 

That the color of our skin somehow makes us “less”. 

No more will we accept the injustices we’ve endured. 

We will not sit down until we are assured 

That one day our children will not be treated like slaves 

And be judged NOT by their skin color, but by how they behave. 

Until then we will boycott 

Every bus in Montgomery because they forgot 

That we, too, are people. We deserve equal rights. 

Until that day comes, we will continue to fight. 


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My country


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