The Road Not Taken

Mon, 02/27/2017 - 16:41 -- Ama2972

he shut the door as he shut his eyes

Seconds ago

he kissed his brother goodnight

Minutes ago

he told his parents he loved them

Hours ago

he stared at his teachers blankly

Days ago

he plotted the rest of his life

Weeks ago 

he promised he wouldn't pick up that knife

Months ago 

it was only a joke but now that joke laid on the end of that rope. was that joke still funny?

Seconds went by as the rope taunted him 

swinging so alive as if he'd rather take the place of the object

Ten minutes after

he went through his possesions

A journal

An old movie or two

And his life

Nothing seemed worth it anymore 

A knock at his door

but everyone was asleep

Except for his purpose

His protection

His place to belong

His life in someone else's hands

His lab partner

She opend the door to his opened eyes

seconds ago

She told her parents good bye

minutes ago

She gathered up a reasonable excuse

hours ago

She saw the blank stares

days ago 

She planned to reach out to him

weeks ago

She promised something was going to be different

months ago

She knew the joke knowing it was going to be a long semester

Seconds later

They took down the rope

Minutes later

They were laughing quietly

Hours later

The sun rose

Days later 

He felt something hidden 

Weeks later

He watched his teachers carefully

Months later

He got his diploma

Years later 

He thanked his hero with a ring


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Our world


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