Rise up From the Ashes of our Ancestors

Tue, 09/08/2020 - 03:49 -- nickiid

For years we have faced pain, suffering, torment, and death

We have had to fight through the worst of conditions

We have had to fight through bullying from all ends because we are darker than most

Dealing with the pains of losing our blood, losing people of color because of the hate that still exists to this day

We have been enslaved and worked like animals, oppressed

Our men whipped, our women raped, our children separated from parents

Trying to merely survive, we have done for ourselves

We have educated ourselves for the sake of desiring a future for the generations to come

We have sung slave hymnals thirsting for a better future

Trying to hold onto the soul that makes us who we are

Trying to hold onto the culture we have created to keep us going through the ugly


Even today we fight to hold onto our culture

The very culture we built from the cotton plantations in which we slaved and worked

The gentrification that we continually face within our cities, and within our cultures takes over

To others we are ‘dramatic’ or are doing ‘too much’


When we are peaceful – we are wrong

When we voice – we are wrong

Well….it is now the time to take action

We are fighting the same battles our ancestors died fighting

We are having the same arguments, and are facing the same demons

When is enough, enough?

Our history has been wiped from the books to paint a less edgy picture of the Amerikkka that took us

We have had our identities stolen, and been given another name

We have been called a nigger by those who deemed themselves over us

When are we allowed to stand up from our ancestors’ ashes and stop the torment we face daily?

Enough is enough; now is the time to rise up and fight back


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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