the right words

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 21:14 -- hope72


he was not insane.

no matter what you say,

or what the media tells you,

he was in complete control of his actions.

you are painting a bad picture

without a reference.

when you say what everyone else does,

you are only adding to the threat.

it is fact,

it is known,

that more violence is done

against then by

the mentally ill.

and the reason for this

can be seen

in the words

that just left your mouth.



it isn't new,

it isn't rare.

you would see these things

if you looked closer

and did not believe

what was told to you

by those who have had it

told to them.

every day,

every hour,

every minute,

every second.

millions of people worldwide

believe in the same ideals

as the one you call "crazy".

they support him 

and speak of him

as if he is their savior

but also the source

of their own jealousy.

they wish they had

carried out his deeds.

this is simply more proof

that there is more to come.

read the comments,

search around,

there are more of them than you think.

it isn't finished,

it isn't over.


and some people say

it wasn't just women,

and they are also right.

the men in question

are never brought up

because that would only bring

another issue to the table.

their pictures are never seen,

never shown,

rarely spoken of,

and those are issues

that need to be breached.

because if you find the facts,

it's easy to see

how sexism and racism

go hand in hand.


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