Ride On By Glena M. Waterhouse

No roof over your head

No floor at your feet

No steel doors to sustain

Just you...

And the wind.


Feeling Nature's breath

Caress your hair

Know ultimate freedom

And that you belong there...

As you bicycle on down the road.


And the sun in the sky

Dances on your face

As the colors of nature pass by

Filling your senses...

So amazing, You sigh.


The smell of the grass

The lilacs in bloom

The shades of green

The vividness of color...

Always causing you to wonder.


The reeds bending

The branches waving

Natures' creatures pausing

A moment in time...

The images forever etched in your mind.


The stillness of the lakes

The babbling streams

The sounds of life

Too much forgotten...

Whispering winds, crickets and frogs

The sounds of the wild, barking dogs.


Taking the time to enjoy

Appreciate all God's gifts

Drink in the beauty

Let it fill your soul...

As you ride on my friend...Ride On


This poem is about: 
Our world


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