Mon, 01/24/2022 - 11:09 -- JPGeo

Pondering Caterpillars

Not ordinary small, fuzzy green ones

But big tigers with eyes all over

Monstrous eaters of my parsley


Do you know what is about to happen

When the salad is all gone

Engorged and enclosed in a chrysalis cathedral

To pray and think about life


Does it hurt much as you change

The reward is worth it

Emerge, unfold, let the air dry your wings

Burst forth, glide, flit and fly


See the world from above

Like you’ve never seen it before

Live like you’ve never lived before

You have come of age,  born again

Like a pearl from the slime


Here’s to life-

Short but glorious life

Cruel but beautiful life

Fly and forget the ones that mean you harm...Just fly



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